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Not your typical dinner party

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With KitchenJam, you can invite your friends over for a fun, communal meal without the stress and logistics of hosting and cooking by yourself.

  • Simple, stress-free hosting

    From recommending a menu to scheduling grocery delivery to delegating tasks to your guests, KitchenJam takes care of the logistics so you can focus on having fun.

  • Collaborative Cooking

    No more slaving away in the kitchen by yourself - everyone's got a role and is involved in putting together the meal.

  • No place like Home

    No long lines, no reservations, no corkage, no surge pricing - let's be honest, a night in with your friends is pretty much better than going out in every single way.

What people are saying

KitchenJam is an ambitiously entertaining, unique and memorable dinner night with our friends, but it made the whole experience much much easier.


It took all of the management burden out of preparing a multi-course meal together, letting everyone just relax and know that the app would make sure everything got done.


It was truly one of the best Friday night social experiences I've had all year. Not only was the food (and the company!) amazing, it is the first time I felt like I can actually cook!


I love to host, but usually I'm stuck alone in the kitchen. This is the first dinner party where I was making dinner, but not really making dinner. Time went by super fast and there was no stress what so ever.


How it Works


Round up your crew

Find three (up to five) friends and schedule a KitchenJam dinner or brunch at your house. Double-date night, Girl's night, roommate dinner...


Pick a menu

Browse the selection of unique (and delicious) 4-5 course gourmet meals - all designed to have no pre-work and be on the table within 1.5 hours.


Assign the roles

This is truly a team effort. Each person will get their own instructions based on their cooking comfort. Everyone's in the kitchen working together, contributing different pieces.


Watch the meal reveal

The whole experience is like solving a cooking puzzle: each person has different pieces and, at the end, all the pieces magically fit together into a beautiful, gourmet meal.

Sample Brunch Menu

With three to four friends cooking together, this gourmet meal goes from set-up to sit-down in under 1.5 hours:

  • Curried coconut sweet potato hash with caramelized onions, sausage and eggs
  • Coconut black rice pudding with tropical fruit and almonds
  • Roasted citrus and avocado spinach salad with coconut-balsamic dressing
  • Pomegranate Blood orange spritzer with mint and lime

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